In this article you will learn how to setup an HTTPS server with Vapor. The principal motivations for HTTPS are authentication of the accessed website, and protection of the privacy and integrity of the exchanged data while in transit. …

Frameit is a powerful tool to publish elegant screenshots on the Apple Store or Google Play. I often face problems to create a screenshot without title section. This article presents a trick to bypass this issue.

Create keyword and title

This is the classical way to use Fastlane Frameit. This case it will produce…

In this story, we will discuss the workflow from taking picture, to the persistence of picture on the file system.

As a developer we sometime have to produce pictures and export them. After in the workflow, we import them… and we lose the orientation.

When you loose the orientation.

Each section will be a use…

Emmanuel Orvain

French iOS / Android experimented developper from Toulouse in south of France.

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